I have nothing to say , just a bit of sad .

Sometimes , I just want to run away from my friends , from the people who know me . It's too tired to stay in them , in the environment that I need to keep myself perfect . It is not me , at least , it's not all of me . Isn't there some place or someone can let me put down the mask and not worry about what will happen ?
I remember once I heard someone said that there isn't a person in this world can understand you completely . Is that means that I can not find a person that really know me and trust me ?
Is too painful for me to stay . . . So many people I like just leave me , go to another world , and never come back . I'm sure they'll be happy in the other world , without illness . I'm just a little bit missing them , hoping they could come back , hold me tight and say : ' I'm here . '

17.07.02 13:15